Sweet Dreams-Knit Baby Sleep Sack Pattern

Knit Baby Sleep Sack

Knit Baby Sleep Sack

Sleep sacks are a necessity for babies of all ages. Especially infants since it has been determined that the safest way for baby to sleep is on their back with no blankets or toys in the crib to reduce the chances of SIDS. So how do you keep baby cozy and warm? A wearable blanket, or sleep sack is the best solution. Baby slips into the sleep sack and is comfy and safe.
I designed this sleep sack for maximum warmth, ease of use and quick to make up. I have added the optional arm warmers for winter or cool nights. It is circular knit in one piece to the underarms then divided for front and back. Because I have used a super soft quick knit type of yarn this can be made up in just a few hours. It makes the perfect gift for any new baby.

Sizes: Newborn, (3-6 months)(6-9 months)(9-12 months)
Patons Melody Quick & Cozy (pastel clouds)
Circular needles sizes 6mm (10) and 10mm (15)
Stitch Markers
2 Large Buttons for shoulders and 4 snap fasteners or Velcro Dots or Zipper for bottom
Tapestry Needle

Gauge: 9sts = 4″ on 10mm needles

With smaller needle, cast on 58 (68, 78, 92) sts. Place stitch marker to mark beginning of round. Working circularly, work 4 rows of k1,p1 rib.
Change to larger needles and knit each row till work measures 10″ (14,14,16) from beginning.

Dec 4(4,6,6) sts evenly across next rnd and every following 5th rnd. to 34 (44, 52, 60) sts remaining.
Divide for front and back: Cast off 2 sts, k 15 (20,24,28), cast off 2, k to end.
Back: work 4″(6,8.9) stocking st
Neck: K5(7,7,9), co 5(6,10,10), k 5(7,7,9). Place 5(7,7,9) sts on stitch holder.
Shoulder: work 3 rows in stocking stitch.
Next row: K 2(3,3,4), yo, k2tg, k2(3,3,4)
Next row: purl 1 row. cast off.
Repeat shoulder on 5 sts on holder.

Front: Work 2″ in stocking st.
Neck: K6(8,8,10), co3,k6(8,8,10). Place 6(8,8,10) sts on stitch holder.
Dec 1 st at neck edge of next row.
work 2 rows stocking st. Cast off.
Repeat for second shoulder.

With large crochet hook, join yarn at underarm and work 1 row of slip stitch around to finish off edges.
Sew buttons on shoulder. Sew closure of your choice to bottom of sack.
You could win this sleep sack just by leaving a comment. Every month I draw a name from my blog comments and give away a handmade baby item. So go ahead and comment!

Date: Friday, 20. November 2009 17:20
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  1. 1

    love this, im new to knitting, hope i can figure out how to make it before my new nephew is born!

  2. 2

    Definitely going to make this for my youngest grandson! Too clever!

  3. 3

    I was looking for a sleep sack for my newest great-nephew, and I think this will be perfect!! Thanks!

  4. 4

    Istarted making this for my SIL but I was wondering, when I am decreasing do I do it before and after the marker or at the beginning and middle of the row?

  5. 5

    You do the decreases evenly around the row. For example, if you have 68 sts on the needles and need to decrease 4 sts, you would do a decrease every 16 sts. or two on the front and two on the back but not all together. Try to space them out.

  6. 6

    We are a foster family and are not allowed to have anything soft in the crib.
    This will keep my wee ones cosy

  7. 7

    Hi, I was looking for a pattern like this and I can’t wait to try it. It doesn’t look over-whelming! So, hurrah to you!!

  8. 8

    Hi! Looking forward to knitting this Cozy for my Grandson. How much yarn do you suggest for 9-12 months? And when knitting or decreasing do I use last # in brackets? will look forwards to hearing from you. Happy Knitting! Mary.

  9. 9

    Hi Mary, It will probably take about 3 balls for the largest size. Yes, you would use the numbers in the brackets for the largest size. I hope you enjoy knitting this sleep sack and I am sure your grandson will love being all snuggled up in it when you are finished!


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